Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Stonks, Robert, and Craig's 'Epic' fart fail

This is my piece of writing from a few weeks ago. In our writing group we all gave random idea's and had a vote to decide on the characters and the setting. The characters we had to use were Stonks guy, Craig and Robert, while the setting was in the KFC bathrooms. Majority voted to have the problem be an explosion caused by the groups farting challenge. It was difficult to think of an idea for this story but it was ton's of fun to write, I hope you enjoy it!  

NOTE : This is a piece of crack writing. This story is not serious at all and barely has logic. 
Also may contain memes and jokes, if you don’t understand such jokes, I’m sorry to say you are most likely a boomer. Do not take any of that seriously though.

So buckle up for this weird and wonderful crack piece of writing.

“Stonks! Challenge, follow me, now!” Craig yelled coming out of the KFC bathrooms. Stonks follows Craig to the toilets only to see Robert doing the loudest and longest fart he can. At first Stonks guy was confused until Craig followed Robert’s actions but much bigger.

“✨Y E S✨” Robert said with stars in his eyes like the emoji. 

“That’s the challenge?” Stonks guy said, his expression showed not much enthusiasm. Only a few seconds later he was laughing hard out, slapping his knee. Craig and Robert stare at each other saying he’s a mad man with just their eyes.

“Well it’s not very good is it? How about I try” Stonks guy says after his laughing fit. That’s where things went wrong. 

Stonks let out a fart so big, so loud and super stinky. The sentch of the fart could be smelt of outside the KFC toilets, possibly outside the KFC building itself. Everyone gagged at the horrid smell before bursting out in laughter. 

“Let’s do it again!” Craig yells. “I can’t lose to Stonks guy!”

They all had their turns again, this time Craig had won with a fart that they could have sworn lasted a minute. Then it happened, the most wonderful idea that Robert could think of.

“Guys… Let’s fart all at once! Let’s see how bad yet awesome it’ll be!” Robert said with a serious face at first, but as he continued his words the excitement became evident in his voice. Everyone agreed and they started counting down.


“Let it rip boys!” With those four words they let everything out. 

The floor beneath them started shaking leaving them shooketh. The stall doors in the bathroom suddenly flung open - if they didn’t fling open then they probably broke off - at that moment, they knew, they messed up.

“GOTTA GO FAST” Craig exclaimed, running away.

“RuN LIkE tHe WInD, rUN LIKe ThE SKy” Robert yelled following behind Craig, and running almost as fast as Hinata a.k.a ✨l i g h t n i n g f a s t✨.

“These guys can’t just leave me” Stonks says, pouting like a child who wasn’t allowed to buy their favourite candy.

“Ahhh well… YEET” Stonks said, Naruto running out of the KFC toilets. 

The three boy's ran to the table they sat at before the fart challenge, grabbing their now cold food. They were out of KFC in an instint and nowhere to be found.

One of the workers noticed the loud sounds of the doors crashing to the ground, and the shattered shards of glass spread on the floor. He had no idea what was happening, but when he saw the three troublemakers exit the bathroom in a rush he knew something was up.

“That’s weird.. that’s suspicious” The worker said while walking over to the toilet. He peaks in and sees the biggest mess ever made.

“HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS” He shouts, it seems like he was too loud as one of his co-workers heard him.

“CHILE- CHILL” One of the female employees yelled back at him before walking over to the scene to see what happened. She continued to stare at the used-to-be clean bathroom which currently looks like a tornado hit it.

“WHAT IS THAT?! WHAT IS THAT?!” She said with a surprised pikachu face.

- The End -

The legend of the golden snail

Yesterday me and my group - Nina and Aye - completed this work sheet. 
We first had to read though the text which was 'The legend of the golden snail'. After reading though it we skim and scanned though the text looking for a few of the settings it took place in, who the characters were, and described a few traits the charters had, ticking off the boxes on the list.
We all did something to contribute and complete the task. 

If you would like a more accurate explanation of what we did, I'd suggest looking on Nina, or Aye's blog, it'd be nice if you left them a positive comment as well.

Saturday, 27 March 2021

My silhouette art

 In Room 4 we've been focusing on our art for a while. We had to choose what type of silhouettes to paint. Mine is based on an image of my favourite group, I wanted to do a different one but I like how this came out as a silhouette. For the background we could chose between shades of sunsets, red to yellow, or blue to pink. I decided to use white, pink, purple, blue and a tiny bit of black at the top. While the paint was drying I began cutting the silhouette out. The bits between the legs and the rocks made it difficult to cut out so it took awhile.

Once I had fully cut it out I glued it on. It wasn't necessary but I ended up cutting little birds out and a sign - I got the idea from their previous albums, so it wasn't just random details - then I was done.

Here is how my art turned out.

Friday, 26 March 2021

Purple day (Epilepsy awareness day)

 Today is a mufti day, we were told to try and dress in purple. Why? Well it's to help raise awareness for a medical condition called epilepsy. Epilepsy affects a persons brain, people with Epilepsy can have seizures / Epilepsy fits. We have a few people in our school who have Epilepsy.

Interviewing Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview the Prime Minster, Jacinda Ardern, with my good friend, Aye. 

The Prime Minster gave our school a little visit during  February. She gave us a speech-like talk in the Team 5 block about how we're not to young to have someone care about our opinions before walking around having lunch with us and the younger kids of Room 21. 

Aye and I finally got to interview the Prime Minister! Here is the video of our interview.

Visual ratios

 Today we used M&M's to create visual ratios. At first I put the M&M's in a bar graph but in this photo I tried to make a pie chart. After making some type of graph or chart we split the colours into ratios.

This ratio of green to blue is 3:3

This ratio of orange to yellow is 2:3

This ratio of red to brown is 3:2 

3.3 He aha te Taima?

While the year 7's are at tech yesterday we - year 8's - did one of our rotations before having a camp meeting. I'm excited. My groups one rotation for the day was Te Reo, where we learn't how to say quarter past or quarter to.

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Ratio Reconcilliation

For today's maths we did more ratios, I got confused at certain slides but I still enjoyed this task.

Friday, 19 March 2021

The Moa - Poster

This is my reading task about Moa's. It's quite simple but I hope you like it!

3.1 Ngā tau

Last week on Thursday when the year 7's we - the year 8's - did our rotations. The rotations were kiwisport, DLO, and Te Reo. This is my Te Reo work, we learnt how to count from 1-30 in Maori with Ms Tipene.

Friday, 12 March 2021

Divine Division


I enjoyed completing this task especially doing the doc. The division wasn't to difficult but it wasn't completely easy either. I completed this task yesterday but forgot to post it so here you go! 

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Is it ever okay to steal?


Today a group of us got to take part in class on air filming. We were chosen to have a debate. The debate was about stealing, and why we are for or against it being okay to steal. I was with Kiarah and Cherish (Check out their blogs, and leave a nice comment). My group were against. We originally wanted to be for, but we took the challenge of going against. On the 3rd slide it shows a few of the reasons we had against each argument. 

Monday, 8 March 2021

Delicious Division

Instead of doing more addition or subtraction today, we focused on division. Division is not my strongest point in maths so it was a tiny bit confusing at first, but I used my multiplication knowledge to help me, making it easier to finish it off.

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Presenting Place Value 2

Today was the second day of online school this week. For maths we're learning about decimals and addition. I enjoyed doing these slides, for me it wasn't that difficult it was more like a recap of what we had learn't last year.