Thursday, 30 July 2020

The Possessed

The Possessed
“Jackson, what are you doing? It’s past 11, you should be asleep!” Jackson could tell his mother was mad
by the tone of her voice. 
“I’m looking for my toy that I sleep with every night” Jackson’s mother sighs, as she knew that what she
was about to say to Jackson might upset him.
“Look Jackson, you're getting older now aren’t you? You’re already 7, it’s about time you stop sleeping with
that old, worn out toy” 
“NO! I CAN’T SLEEP WITHOUT IT!” His mother was heartbroken seeing him this way. He’s not usually like
that. She didn’t want him to throw a larger tantrum so she told him to look under his bed. With those words,
he ran to his room trying to find the toy he loved more than anything.He dropped himself slowly onto the
ground and leaned forward, head on the ground, only to find his toy and a glowing red, demon-like orb. The
intimidating looking orb didn’t scare Jackson, so instead, he became curious that he reached his arm out
to touch it. Instead of the orb attacking him, it disappeared but not into thin air. Little did he know the orb
disintegrated into small pieces enough to sneak under one of his tiny little wounds. Human blood is usually
blue inside our body but the orb turned his blood red inside and out…Jackson stanches the toy from under the bed, and rushes out of his room to the kitchen quickly but quietly. Nobody in the house seemed to notice him. He opened the second drawer and found a knife, it was a bit blunt so he looked through the other drawers and cabinets. 
“Found it!” He found the knife sharpener, but a knife sharpener isn't exactly quiet when you use it. The loud noise coming from the kitchen seemed to attract his mother’s attention.

“What are you doing?! You should be a-” She stopped herself from continuing to speak the moment she saw the knife Jackson was holding. Jackson walks towards the light switch. Flip! The lights were turned off, the only thing that could be heard throughout the house were her screams. Shortly after the screams the light was switched back on, only to reveal a murderous child and his dead mother with a blanket of blood covering them and the kitchen floor. Next thing that was heard was the ring of a phone, and his crying 4 year old sister… Soon enough sirens were heard. It was the sirens of the police and the ambulance. Jackson was too young to go to prison so got sent to juvenile prison. Jackson wasn’t there long as he was mostly in a mental asylum as he was becoming more of a psychopath as time passed. The reason he was sent to the mental asylum was because they people kept thinking he had a mental issue, but he was just possessed. No one knew Jackson was possessed, even Jackson didn’t know he was possessed, not yet at least. The demon within Jackson wanted to take revenge on Jackson’s father for trapping him inside these walls. 
As the years passed Jackson was losing control over his own actions and his own body, everything he did was everything the demon forced him to do, the demon did all of that out of envy. It was envious of the freedom humans had, it wanted to kill happy families as the demon can’t ever feel happiness. The demon basically trapped Jackson inside a body, his own body but it didn’t feel like it was his to him. After many long years in the asylum Jackson was set free, back into the world he had wished to see years ago. Little did the people know that sending him out was a big mistake. The first place he checked was their old house, but it has been years so they most likely moved, but it was still worth a try. By the time he arrived he realised there were 4 people in the house, when there should only be 2 people. That was a big clue that it wasn’t Jackson's family. He still went in to ask if they knew where his father and sister moved to, but the demon said something different. The demon wanted to kill them out of anger because they didn’t know where they went. For all Jackson knew they could be in Antarctica and he wouldn’t know. The lights went out, and the screams were loud as this was the last moments of their lives. The lights switched back on as Jackson’s job there was done. Many long months passed before Jackson found his surviving family members. Many innocent people were murdered during those long months, all out of frustration. 
Knock! Knock! Knock! 
“Pizza delivery!~” The door opened revealing Jackson’s not so little sister anymore. She opened the pizza box just to find a knife coated in blood. Before she could ask about it, Jackson stabbed her in her stomach and slit her throat unwillingly. Tears rolled down his face, as her blood poured onto the ground, like a spilt drink. One by one his tears flooded down his face from his eyes. He was hesitant but still went upstairs to finish the job. He wipes his tears as he tries to find his father's bedroom. 
To be continued...
WALT: choose an appropriate text form

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

As I saw it... Mrs Stone's missing cupcake

Today during lunch break we realised Mrs Stone's cupcake went missing. So we are now trying to figure out who the culprit is. This work it to help us see each others perspectives, and hoping help us solve the crime.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Immersion Assembly Term 3

On the first day back at school for term 3, the we found out what our theme for this term's inquiry is. Our theme is 'A World of difference'. At the Immersion Assembly Mr Burt and a few other teachers, like Mr Somervile told us a bit about their culture, or family history. The other teachers, the teachers who didn't share something about themselves (most of the teachers) showed us what each team will be doing for the term. We will basically be learning about different countries, places, culture, foods etc, from all around the world, or from right here in NZ.

Team 1 had a movie to display what they would be doing for A World of difference. It was about children wondering how other kids in the world get to school, or what they eat for lunch, or what they like to do after school.

Team 2 recreated Dora the explorer in New Zealand. Dora and Boots, had to travel though out New Zealand to get to Queensland. Thanks to the help of Dora's handy map they made it to their destination, and went skiing with the ski's backpack gave Dora.

Team 3 had their very own episode of the amazing race. They stopped at each of the seven wonders of the world. I assume that Team 3 are going to be having their own fun little race around the world though their research. 

Team 4's movie had a lot of food involved in it. The movie was about where the food they were eating originally came from, one of the examples was sushi and the fact that is originated from Japan. They had many delicious foods from different places.

Team 5's item was different from the others. The teachers put on a little play. The play was of the legend of Sina and the eel. Mrs Iloa acted as Sina, and Mrs Tele'a played the roll of the eel. They acted that out because we are learning about myths and legends. It was a very entertaining show! That's one of the reasons why it's my favourite item's that day.

Friday, 24 July 2020

Paul Bunyan

We recently looked at another myth. This time we looked at a Tall Tale from America. This story, is about a lumberjack who is really tall and has done many great things. This includes the creation of many great land marks, like the Grand Canyon, Great Lakes and 10,000 lakes! Me and my buddy, Zaeeda worked together to complete this work task, on Paul Bunyan. We found this quite interesting and a bit difficult, but we made it in the end. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Cambodian Myth - Match 'em up activity

Today we are learning about the Cambodian Myth of lightning, thunder, and rain with Mrs Iloa. We watched a short video about the Myth. Shortly after watching the video we had to put the right picture and words in the box they belong in. Under the match 'em activity I wrote what happened after they got their gifts, and why its the myth of lightning, thunder and rain.

Monday, 20 July 2020

The Myth of Hermes

Today in Inquiry we learnt about myths from ancient Greece. We learnt about the gods, the creation myth and then we learnt the story of Hermes. 

Friday, 3 July 2020

~Term 2 Reflection~

Home experience:
This term wasn't the most normal term, in fact this whole year hasn't been very normal so far. It's been quite the weird year, but to me that's what made this term a bit more interesting than other terms. By a bit more interesting I mean to say that because of the situation the world has been in there were many changes made for us to still be able to learn during that time. One of the changes would be starting the term online, and at home. It was a new experience for not only me but probably other student as well. In my honest opinion I found doing school online quite fun, more fun then I thought it would be, mostly because we had a bit of time to sleep in before joining the google meets. 

School experience:
Coming back to school was different. The desks were apart instead of it being in a cluster which we would call a table, we didn't have assembly's anymore, and we weren't allowed to hug or touch each other. At first it was difficult to not hug my friends when I saw them, but as a few days past by I became accustomed to it. Luckily the covid-19 cases came down and it was level 1. We could get close to each other again! Slowly the desks came closer together, it still isn't that cluster of desks we would consider a table but that's because we as a class choose to share two desks between two people. During this whole term we would work hard and play hard. Because our class work pretty hard during this whole term we played a few games every now and then. We mostly played Kahoot and Silent ball, but we did do more activities like hand soccer. 

Overall experience:
This term was a unique, interesting, weird and fun term. 

I can think of many different highlights, like skateboarding for kiwi sport, or coming back to school and seeing my friends and teacher, or having Joseph Parker speak a few words at our assembly. I think of the whole term as my highlight. The only thing I didn't like was the situation that we had to make the changes for. I wish we made those changes for a different and less sad situation.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Fractions level 2.21

For maths we were doing fractions. We mostly focused on finding equivalent fractions but we did work out mixed and improper fractions as well. I used to take the long way to solve equivalent fractions, but now I know it's just better to just multiply or half it, which is what I have done for this. Honestly I struggled with adding the fractions, but I got the answer with a bit of help from Miss Stone's little lesson.