Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Streets for Everyone - Final design process

 Today's focus in extension was our final design. For me and Kiarah the final design process didn't take to long. I'd say it's because of how we worked together, combining our ideas with Toby and Bahv's. Our original idea was to make 'join the dots' more interesting, but instead we came up with a whole new idea. 

The new idea is like a puzzle. We've decided to call it the Kiwiana puzzle. Since it’s called the Kiwiana Puzzle, we got Kiwiana things and made the outline. Since it’s only the outline we put everything on-top of eachother. There were three categories, General, Sport and food. The pictures won’t be in color so it can be simple and a bit hard. I hope you enjoy our idea!

Friday, 9 April 2021

Thinking Critically Online

We did some Cybersmart today on how to spot fake news. Watching the video (which is on slide 2) helped with the work. This is like a recap for us year 8's, because we did this last year. It was a simple but helpful task. :)


Thursday, 8 April 2021

My Cultural Patterns

 I'm half Samoan and half African, so I chose two patterns instead of just one. The reason I've chosen this blue pattern is because it reminds me of a beautiful dress my mum made me, with a similar pattern and colour.

I don't know much about the African culture, but I really liked this pattern. The orange and red colours remind me of the dirt in Africa. I also really liked the shapes, it's not just lines but more like dots and dashes.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Streets for everyone project

This term for extension we've been working on a big project called Streets for everyone. We've been work with people of The Open Fort (Toby and Bahv), to help with the project. The reason we are doing this project is to make the streets we live on more safe and fun.

We are in different group and doing different things. I'm in a group with Valessa and Kiarah (you should check out their blogs). In our group are main idea is connect the dots. The slides below show how we've extended the simple activity into multiple ideas. 

Next week we hope to install some of our work onto the streets. It's been a lot of fun working with Open fort on the project along with my team mates, Valessa and Kiarah.

Here are a few photos we took on our walk around the neighbourhood, (there was a video I wanted to add but I can't so enjoy the photos).