Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Dame Valerie Adams

This terms inquiry focus is healthy me, healthy you so we are doing different rotations learning about Olympians and the Olympic games. Today in Room 4 we learned more about Valerie Adams. This is a poster to show just a few things I learnt and already knew.


  1. Hi Nadia, it's me, Aye!
    This google drawing about Valerie Adams is very neat and organised. I quite enjoy the pictures you've added which relates to the facts provided!
    - Aye :)

  2. Greetings Nadia,
    The poster seems nice, the pictures are very nice too, great choices. The facts about her aren't very long and are quite simple and short which makes it easier to get an idea about her and just small facts about Dame Valerie Adams, great job.
    - Valessa

  3. Hi Nadia its me Christina, your post looks so good, and i like the pictures.Great work

  4. Kia Ora Nadia!
    It's me Simon, your favourite friend of course! This poster is SO cool! I really like the layout you've done, and of course I really like the interesting facts you've added.

    I remember doing this poster aswell, it's just not as cool as your one!

    Honestly I don't have anything helpful to say as this is a quality blog post! Good job!

    - Simon, your favourite friend.

  5. Hi Nadia, it is me Kauri.
    i like your poster about Dame Valerie Adams it is very interesting and there isn't to much words to block up who she is with the pictures.