Friday, 25 June 2021

KPMG visit

This Wednesday the extension and few extra children were invited to visit the KPMG building. We had to come early because we left the school at 9am and came back by around 2pm.

During the KPMG trip we learnt lots of things about Earth and the 4 elements - earth, water, air and fire. After talking about each of those elements we were split up into 4 different groups. I was in the fire group along with Aye, Simon, Valessa, Adriana, Finau and Yolanda (check out their blogs if you like). Every group did an experiment based on the element of their group, so we used a bit of fire for ours.

At first we found the experiment tricky because no one knew what to do, but with a few clues we figured it out. Although we did have a little mishap but no one was hurt or burnt. We were supposed to make a paper spinning wheel actually spin, but here's the catch, we weren't allowed to touch it.

The way we did it was by sticking a pencil to the table - with glue tack - and balancing the paper on the tip. Honestly that was probably the hardest bit. After it was balanced we put some lit candles underneath using the hot air to spin the paper, making the experiment a success! :)

We did a few more fun activities as well, I'd love to visit again. Thanks for making this an enjoyable trip!

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